Success is teamwork

Your requirements are our challenges. For us, personalization goes beyond digitalization – we value personal contact and exchange. So: What can we do for each other?


System restructuring, data migration, individual configurations, interfaces, etc.


Continuing education and training on the functions and possible uses of our specialist applications


Department-related instruction for the optimal and error-free use of our software solutions


Help with problems and questions about the installation and use of our programs

Individual solutions

Are you standing in front of a mountain of new challenges? Complex tasks require individual solutions. Together with you, we develop a concept to optimally adapt our software to your individual needs. We advise, train and support you from the first encounter to the smooth running of your company. The uniquely configured applications – both with a concrete subject reference and for interdisciplinary tasks – fit seamlessly into your existing IT infrastructure.

You have the mountain – we have the equipment

  • System analysis, consulting and project coaching

  • Individual development and training

  • Import of non-standard data into BaSYS

  • Basic survey for general drainage planning

  • Tool creation for fee splitting

  • Plan and collect digital terrain data

  • Projection of crossings and backspace objects on the line axis development

  • Automatic determination and display of crossings and 3-D representation

  • UTM Transformation (within BaSYS dataobjects)

Project support – from start to finish

In close cooperation, we support you with project assistance from the beginning to the successful completion. Beyond the usual project management we help with the structuring, the process as well as the communication. The binding red thread and is indispensable for process optimization. We carefully document the progress of the project and control the adherence to the individual project goals.

During the process, we help with communication between the individual participants. With our technical know-how, we provide an important interface. In the case of complex tasks, misunderstandings can be avoided and the workflow accelerated.

Online Seminare

You want to deepen your knowledge or get to know new BaSYS modules? We offer online seminars for a large number of our specialist applications. Using practical examples, our BaSYS application consultants show you basic functions and provide many helpful tips and tricks. The one-hour online seminars take place in the morning and are held live. With a maximum of ten participants, there is enough time to get answers to individual questions. For the online seminars we use Microsoft Teams or TeamViewer. The applications work with almost all desktop and mobile devices with the operating systems Windows, Android and iOS.

Software trainings

The implementation of a new software means changed workflows in the company. In order for the new system to become a routine tool, the applications must be trained accordingly. Our practice-oriented training with extensive training and data material prepares you optimally for the daily work with BaSYS. The training courses take place in Braunschweig, Lauda-Königshofen or in Rüstorf (Austria). We regularly offer dates for BaSYS basic training courses or BaSYS advanced training courses. We are also available for individual training at your company.

  • For BaSYS beginners

    Basic training

    That’s what you get from us:

    In the basic training courses, we familiarize you with the safe use of our products. We start with the object data management, the work with different project variants, show you how to develop SQL queries or individual OPATH queries and how to use the BaSYS Plan Interface effectively. You will learn how to work with BaSYS through detailed object data and using realistic project examples from our training database. You will also receive detailed training materials for review. Drinks, snacks and one lunch per day are included at our training locations.

    Dates and duration:

    The duration of our basic training is at least two working days. Depending on the scope of the required training content or the previous knowledge of the participants, it can be extended to a total of four days – which we recommend for a complete system change or for people just starting their careers.

  • For BaSYS advanced

    Advanced training

    That’s what you get from us:

    Building on our basic training, you will deepen your expertise in the daily use of BaSYS with the help of detailed object data, realistic project examples from our training database or in a corresponding additional module. In addition, you will receive detailed training materials for review. Drinks, snacks and one lunch per day are included at our training locations.

    Dates and duration:

    The duration of the training depends on your needs – but takes at least 6 hours or one working day. For shorter briefings, we offer  Online Seminars .

  • For BaSYS individualists

    Individual training

    That’s what you get from us:

    The individual training courses are aimed at all experienced BaSYS users who would like to be trained in their own company with their own network, object, property and project data. In order for our trainers to be able to prepare themselves optimally, we will discuss your needs and all individual details with you in advance.

    Dates and duration:

    For individual training, we adapt to your needs. You determine the date, duration and training location.


You work with BaSYS and have questions about the application or installation? Our support team is available by phone Monday-Friday between 9am-1pm and 2pm-4pm or you can write an email. All requests are handled on a “first in, first out” basis – that is, in the order in which they are received.